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Eric & Jill

We have been married for 12 years. Each day is a blessing because we love and respect one another. Our son is curious and full of energy. It is literally impossible to keep up with him ~ but we try. Eric is from Kentucky but was raised mainly in Worthington, Ohio. Jill is originally from Illinois but has grown up in Pickerington.  We love to travel and to explore new places.  At heart, we are mountain spirits as well as beach bums. Eric lives on "island time," and Jill helps balance us all out. 

You should get to know Us

In addition to being professional wedding photographers 


I am a teacher by day. I fit into the crazy side because I have taught middle school for about two decades. Before I became a teacher, I was a naturalist and a nature photographer. My biggest goals at the time were to help point people toward seeing the natural world as a sense of beauty and amazement. As time passed, I returned to school and received my education degree. Since then, I have taught earth science and history. I love teaching, and besides photography, there is no other job I would want to have. I love wedding photography because, as a wedding photographer, I have an outlet and an excuse to look for the beauty in our world. I enjoy looking for and capturing the artful moments throughout a wedding day.


I am a social worker. My primary focus is to help women discover their path to a career. I teach classes on self-improvement as well as career development. I am also an advocate for people with chronic kidney disease. I love using photography to help families create visible memories of special times. Weddings bring families together, and I love being a part of that.  What I love about being a wedding photographer is having the ability and opportunity to preserve this particular time for a family. I love the idea that these portraits will be something that can still be seen and appreciated generations from now. 

Our Philosophy

Aloha means Love, Peace and Compassion

We so greatly appreciate the meaning behind the thought of aloha. When you work with us you will see that as a family, we work to bring the Aloha Spirit to our business and to your wedding. We do this because we strive to create an environment where you will feel relaxed and at peace. We know that the love and compassion you have in your life will be portrayed in the portraits that we will create for you. To us wedding portraits are important because they mark the beginning of a story, a journey. Wedding portraits become even more special as time goes by. They become special memories and even family heirlooms. We understand this, and this is why we feel so very honored to be able to help give these special memories to families.

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